Declutter your bathroom

Date: 18-08-2020

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The bathroom is often the smallest, but the busiest room in the house. Good storage and well-placed bathroom accessories can help remove clutter from prime real estate areas such as countertops and shower recess areas, creating a more efficient space that will also be easier to keep clean!

Here are a few tips to help you free up some space in your bathroom.

  1. Towel Rails Ensure you have the correct size towel rail for the number of towels you hang. This will help them dry faster too! Towel rails are available in a range of lengths and styles. If you have limited space available, consider installing a Hand Towel Rail or Robe Hook next to the vanity to reduce the load.
  2. Bathroom Shelves These are great in the shower, or above the vanity to store items you need quick access to. Keeping everyday items at arm’s length will help speed up your time in the bathroom, and free your countertop from clutter!
  3. Bathroom Baskets Wire baskets are super handy for storing odd-shaped items in wet areas. There are lots of different sizes available so you can find the best option for your needs. Deeper baskets can be installed a little lower so that kids’ toys and toiletries are accessible to little hands. This also helps keep these items off the floor.
  4. Tumblers Wall-mounted tumblers can free up valuable counter space. These are a great solution for toothbrushes and/or shaving items which can often get a little messy! Keeping them off the bench means they are easily accessed without taking up valuable space.
  5. Robe Hooks These are one of the most underappreciated bathroom accessories as they have so many uses! Apart from the obvious, this versatile accessory can be used to hold additional towels, clothes, appliances – just about anything! These little gems don’t take up much space and can be installed anywhere you need it.

For a full range of Bathroom Accessories including Towel Rails, Bathroom Shelves, Bathroom Baskets, Tumblers, Robe Hooks, and much more, view our Bathroom Accessories.


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