About Anti-Ligature Showers and Grab Rails

Date: 09-10-2020

Con-Serv is committed to meeting the growing needs across the healthcare industry and we are constantly reviewing our range to ensure we have the best solutions available to support a better quality of life. When installed correctly, Con-Serv Anti-Ligature Grab Rails meet the requirements of AS 1428.1-2009 Design and Construction for healthcare applications and deliver functional, stylish designs that provide a safe and secure solution for both health workers and patients.


What does Anti-Ligature mean?

When planning or renovating bathrooms for patients living with a mental illness, there is a need to eliminate possibilities to inflict self-harm. Standard bathroom fittings such as showerheads and handrails can create a point where sheets or cords could be attached to create a ligature point. In these situations, anti-ligature products are substituted to help reduce the risk of self-harm.


Con-Serv's Anti-Ligature range

There are a variety of ways anti-ligature products can be developed and we have adopted both fixed* and load release# manufacturing practices to produce our Anti-Ligature range. This allows us to maintain the high quality you have come to expect from Con-Serv without impacting functionality or design.


Anti-Ligature Grab Rails

Our fixed Anti-Ligature Grab Rails incorporate a 2.5mm grade 304 stainless steel plate centred 55mm from the back of the rail to wall and continuously welded from flange to flange enabling secure access and grip. Tamperproof POST TORX screws with security hex sockets fix our grab rails in place for a safe and secure installation.


Anti-Ligature Rail Showers

Rail showers offer great flexibility and our load release Anti-Ligature Shower Elbow and Slider Kits for rails are designed to release when a force of 10kg or more is applied. The Anti-Ligature Shower Elbow can be combined with any Con-Serv Anti-Ligature Grab Rail for a custom made, height-adjustable shower that meets each individual’s needs.


Anti-Ligature Overhead Showers

Ideal for detention centres and high-risk institutions, our Cobra Shower Head provides an anti-ligature showering option that is also vandal and tamper-proof. This heavy-duty fixed shower head designed with a 17° angle is free from ligature points and attached with grub screws for a safe and tamper-proof installation.


See our full range of Anti-Ligature Grab Rails and Showers for more information.


*Fixed Anti-Ligature The product is fixed in place and is free from ligature points.

#Load Release Anti-Ligature Without damaging, the product will release from its fittings when excess weight is applied.


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