How to measure water flow rate

Date: 10-09-2021

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There are many reasons why you might need to measure the water flow rate of your kitchen or bathroom taps and showers, particularly if you are replacing existing fittings or problem-solving potential water-waste culprits. Checking your water flow rate is easy particularly if you have the right tools – like Con-Serv’s Basin Water Flow Measuring Cup and Shower Flow Measuring Jug.

Tapware - Measure your flow rate in 3 simple steps.

What you’ll need

Con-Serv Basin Flow Measuring Cup (FM 070 BE)


  1. With handles together, hold the cup under the running water until the cup is overflowing.
    IMPORTANT: Aerators attached to the end of the spout must remain completely immersed in the water inside the cup during this test
  2. With the tap still running, slowly open the handles until the water is level with the top rim.

  3. Take a reading from the measurements on the side of the cup.

Flow Cup Instructions

 Flow Cup Video


Shower - Measure your flow rate in 3 simple steps.

What you’ll need

Con-Serv Shower Flow Measuring Jug (FM 075 BE)

Timer / Stopwatch


  1. Set the timer to 5 seconds.

  2. Turn the cold water on full force. Start the timer and simultaneously place the jug under the water stream or spray, making sure all of the water is collected. Collect the water for exactly 5 seconds, then shut off the fixture.

  3. Measure the quantity of water in the container, using the measuring guide on the side of the jug.

 Flow Jug Instructions

 Flow Jug Video

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