Multigenerational Living Bathroom Designs

Date: 18-05-2022

Multigenerational Living

Multigenerational Living Designs

With the rising cost-of-living and housing, it is no surprise that there has been an increase in multigenerational households. And it’s not just about affordability and convenience. According to Dr Edgar Liu, Senior Research Fellow from UNSW City Future Research Centre, families are choosing to stay together for support and companionship.

“It’s a way for families to stay connected, and allows for greater intergenerational connections... especially for the older generation, they can be closer to the family and spend more time with the grandkids.” Dr Liu says1.

When it comes to building, modifying or renovating a home to accommodate multigenerational living, bathroom design and fittings play a huge role in creating livable spaces for both young and old. Here are a few tips to consider before embarking on a multigenerational bathroom.



Grab Rails

Grab rails are an easy addition to any bathroom and are great options for multigenerational homes as they not only offer security getting in/out of bathroom areas, they provide additional support for cleaning, maintenance, assistance when bathing children – the benefits are endless.

Available in a range of sizes and finishes, grab rails can be installed horizontally, vertically or at an angle to meet the needs of the user and the layout of the bathroom. Common places for installations include toilets, shower recess walls and beside the bath tub.

All Con-Serv grab rails are designed to meet the strict requirements of the Australian Standards (AS 1428.1:2021) for Design for access and mobility.

View our extensive range here.

Grab Rails Multigen Living



Grab Rail Showers

Rail showers in general are a great choice for multigenerational bathrooms as the shower height can be easily adjusted for children and adults. But, for the ultimate in functionality, consider installing a Grab Rail Shower which in addition to being height adjustable, offers weight-bearing support for added assistance maneuvering in, out and around the shower.

And the benefits don’t stop there! Hand showers make it much easier to reach and clean “difficult places”, are more accessible if a user needs assistance in the shower, and make cleaning the shower much more convenient.

Con-Serv offer a range of Grab Rail Showers in a variety of finishes including our Linear range that incorporates the benefits of a Hygienic Seal flange, with the style and sophistication of a linear rail.

View the range here.

Grabrail Showers for Multigen Living



Grab Rail/Towel Rail

Well positioned grab rails are a must in any multigenerational home. If space is limited, installing fixtures that offer dual purpose will give users peace of mind and functionality. Grab Rail/Towel Rails provide users with the benefit and security of a grab rail, and the functionality of a towel rail.

Con-Serv offer a range of Grab Rail/Towel Rails in a variety of finishes and sizes to meet the needs of any bathroom design.

View our range here.

grab rail towel rail



Grab Rail with Toilet Roll Holder

One area that users commonly need assistance is getting on and off the toilet. By incorporating a Grab Rail with Toilet Roll Holder, the often-limited space is well utilised giving users the support they need, where and when they need it!

Almost any Con-Serv grab rail can be customised to include a toilet roll holder with factory installed and retro fitted options available.

View the range here.

grab rail with toilet holder



Bathroom accessories to declutter and organise space

The bathroom is often the smallest and busiest room in the house, particularly if there are a number of family members sharing the space. Good storage and well-placed bathroom accessories can help remove clutter from prime real estate areas such as countertops and shower recess areas, creating a more efficient space that will also be easier to keep clean.

Installing bathroom shelves and bathroom baskets in the shower recess can keep things out of reach for little hands, or make them more accessible if needed. Keeping things off the floor not only makes cleaning easier, but minimises trip and slip hazards.

Wall mounted tumblers and soap holders are great for freeing up valuable counter space and are an excellent solution for toothbrushes and/or shaving items which can be a little messy.

Robe hooks are one of the most underappreciated bathroom accessories as they have so many uses! Apart from the obvious, this versatile accessory can be used to hold additional towels, clothes, appliances – just about anything! These little gems don’t take up much space and can be installed where you need it.

View our range here.

BA for multigen living

Con-Serv also offer a range of Shower Seats and Toilet Assist Backrest suitable for commercial and domestic installations.

View our Safe-Assist Healthcare range here.




1. UNSW Sydney, 2020 ‘Moving back in: the rise of multigenerational households’, viewed 30 March 2022


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