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Accessible solutions for today & tomorrow

Con-Serv has long been recognised as a leader in the healthcare industry assisting architects, designers, and specifiers in creating liveable bathroom spaces that address the evolving requirements of Australia’s ageing population.

In response to the industries growing need for flexible accessible solutions, Con-Serv has developed their Hideaway™ Mounting System that allows accessible fittings such as grab rails, to be installed, removed and re-installed as required. The Hideaway™ system is compatible with Con-Serv’s Hygienic Seal® and Linear grab rails, backrests and shower seats.

The Hideaway™ Mounting System comprises of Blank End Flanges that utilises the same wall mount plate used to install the grab rail. The installer simply removes the grab rail, leaving the wall mount plate in place, and covers the mounting plate with the blank end flange until it is needed again.

The Blank End Flanges are installed using a tamperproof hex key (supplied) and conceal the wall mount plate with an unobtrusive cover that is available in a range of finishes.



Quick and easy installation

Once a Hygienic Seal® or Linear grab rail has been installed and certified, an installer can easily remove and store the grab rail until it is required.

All Con-Serv Hygienic Seal® and Linear grab rails are manufactured to comply with the Australian standard, AS 1428.1:2021 Design for access and mobility. Grab Rails must be fitted to a solid wall or other firm surface and installed by a qualified tradesperson as per the guidelines outlined in the AS 1428.1:2021 Design for access and mobility.

NEW Backrest requirements for AS 1428.1:2021 Design for access and mobility

Con-Serv's Hideaway™ Mounting System is particularly relevant in complying with recent additions to the Australian Standards - Design for access and mobility AS 1428.1:2021 clause 12.2.4 Backrest appendix (g) which now requires backrests in Accessible Sole Occupancy Units be capable of being removed and refitted. Con-Serv Hygienic Seal® Backrests with the Hideaway™ Mounting System meet this requirement.



About Hygienic Seal® and Linear Grab Rails

Hygienic Seal® and Linear grab rails are Con-Serv’s premium grab rail mounting system offering superior quality and design. AS 1428.1:2021 compliant, Hygienic Seal® and Linear grab rails are manufactured from 304 stainless steel and assembled with 50mm brass screw on flanges that include our innovative cove designed TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Biomaster antimicrobial seals, which when installed correctly prevent grime such as soap scum, body fluids, ointments and other aqueous based fluids accumulating behind the grab rail flange covers.

Hygienic Seal® and Linear grab rails feature:

  • 32mm x 1.2mm grade 304, 18/8 stainless steel grab rail;
  • 50mm, 3 part machined brass screw-on flange cover;
  • TPE Biomaster antimicrobial seal;
  • AS 1428.1:2021 Design for access and mobility compliant;
  • Quality brass fixings with stainless steel screws included;
  • Available in a range of styles, sizes and finishes.

The advantages of using Hygienic Seal® grab rails include:

  • Unique Hygienic Seal® and Linear fastening system that prevents grime build-up;
  • Smaller, compact flange cover;
  • Solid brass wall mount and lock nut;
  • Solid brass screw on flange cover;
  • Available in a large range of sizes and selected finishes.


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For more information about Con-Serv Hygienic Seal®, Linear or Hideaway™ Healthcare range contact our team on 1300 467 322 or mail@con-serv.com.au.


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