The AS 1428.1 is a building standard for Design for access and mobility prepared by the Australian Standards Committee. In June, 2021 a revised Standard was released. A copy of the new Standard is available at

As a specialist in the manufacture and supply of healthcare bathroom fittings, Con-Serv have reviewed the 2021 Standards and summarised relevant updates where Con-Serv have a solution to assist in meeting the new requirements.

Backrest: Section 12.2.4 (g)

In the revised standard, section 12.2.4 (g) states “The backrest shall – in an accessible sole-occupancy unit, be capable of being removed and refitted.”

This will apply to any accessible WC in a residential type setting such as a 1B group home, boarding houses, hotels, motels or a Class 9C Aged Care facility that require an accessible sole occupancy unit.

To fulfill this requirement, Con-Serv has developed the Hideaway™ Mounting System allowing for our installed backrests to be removed, stored, and then re-installed when required.

The Hideaway™ Mounting System comprises of Blank End Flanges that utilise the same wall mount plates used to install Hygienic Seal® grab rails. The installer simply removes the grab rail, leaving the wall mount plate in place, and covering with the blank end flange until it’s needed again. Visit  Hideaway™ Mounting System for more information.


Sanitary compartment for people with ambulant disabilities: Section 13.2

Section 13.2 has been updated stating “Grabrails shall be continuous and consist of a horizontal section plus either a vertical section or an upward angled section”.

In reference to this section, the upward angled section has changed from a measurement of 700mm minimum, to a measurement of 400mm to 450mm with an angle of either 30° to 45° (upward angled section) or 90° (vertical section) 

To meet this requirement, Con-Serv recommend installing ambulant grab rails that are 450mm x 450mm with a 40° bend; or 450mm x 450mm with a 90° bend 

Con-Serv's HS 045 (40° bend) and HS 454 (90° bend) ambulant grab rails meet this requirement.

Section 12.5.1 no underslung

Showers: Section 12.5.1

The previous shower connection measurement has now been changed to a connection zone. The hose connection is permitted within a larger zone measuring 700mm to 1100mm above the finished floor level and 100mm to 800mm from the corner of the wall ensuring the location does not interfere with the use of grab rails, taps, soap holder or shower seat. 


Backflow prevention device and restrictor device: Section 12.5.11 (Backflow Prevention)

A new section has been added into AS 1428.1:2021 which references backflow prevention and restrictor devices. 

Section 12.5.11 states that “unless the shower hose has a restrictor device preventing the shower head from resting on the floor or into the basin, a backflow prevention device will be required to prevent water contamination.” 

To meet this requirement, all Con-Serv hand showers are fitted as standard with dual check/non-return valves providing effective backflow prevention against water contamination for low hazard areas. 

All Con-Serv dual check/non-return are licenced as per Watermark AS/NZS 2845.1 WMKA 02696. 

LT071 compliant diagram

Backflow prevention device and restrictor device: Section 12.5.11 (Restrictor Device)

Section 12.5.11 advises that “where it would be possible for the shower head to reach into the toilet pan then a restrictor device shall be fitted to prevent the hose reaching the toilet”; and that the “restrictor device shall be a proprietary item which restricts the movement of the shower hose and prevents the shower head from reaching into the toilet pan”.

Con-Serv’s Hose Restrictor Bracket is an easy to install, cost-effective solution that meets the requirements as outlined in AS 1428.1:2021.

The position of the Hose Restrictor Bracket is dependent on the proximity of the shower to the toilet pan. To install, simply position the bracket on the wall (with the hose inserted) and move until the handpiece no longer reaches the toilet pan. Once the location for installation has been determined, fix the Hose Restrictor Bracket to the wall.

HR015 compliant diagram

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